4chan is slow

Ruhrfisch comments: Sorry to be slow. I like this and recognize the large amount of work that has gone into it so far. I like this and recognize the large amount of work that has gone into it so far. It needs some work for FAC, so here are some suggestions for improvement with that in mind.

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is the second album by American rock band Neutral Milk Hotel.It was released on February 10, 1998, by Merge Records. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea features a lo-fi sound influenced by indie rock and psychedelic folk.
The shot of Sven dragging his butt along the ice with his front legs scrabbling frantically, but making very slow progress, also doesn't appear in the film itself. No Export for You: A weird inversion. Several countries have 3-D and 2-D Blu-Ray Discs available on the same day, but with the exception of a Spanish-language release in Mexico, the Greater North America 3-D Blu-ray release has yet to occur. The two alternate timelines are linked, in that "Flipside" (the Millennial Kingdom) is a liminality within Tripocalypse Earth, and the occasional piece of technology in that time line makes its way back to the Kingdom by taking The Slow Path with a step sideways. The current extent of this work can be found at: Left Beyond RPG worldbook

The history of the Internet has its origin in the efforts to interconnect computer networks that arose from research and development in the United States and involved international collaboration, particularly with researchers in the United Kingdom and France.

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4chan is slow

Wikipedia:Edit filter/False positives/Archive 65 ... Kek and the snack cakes "Topkek" to show it's influence on the meme culture of 4chan. ... Please slow down on ...

The term "internet" was reflected in the first RFC published on the TCP protocol (RFC 675: Internet Transmission Control Program, December 1974) as a short form of internetworking, when the two terms were used interchangeably. In general, an internet was a collection of networks linked by a common protocol. Editing Wikipedia is a privilege, not a right, and Wikipedia can block anyone from editing for any reason if it so chooses. People who need to contact Wikipedia's owners for legal reasons can still do so by phone and email and snail mail and showing up on location, or in serious cases by contacting police if they think it's justified.
There are some round-robin domains that can connect to you a random EFNet server, for instance, but a client can pick from dozens of servers that are connect to the same network. If the server is too slow (latency), the client can stick it out or choose to switch to another server that may be faster. Rurik 23:55, 6 July 2009 (UTC)

A good binaries service provider must not only accommodate users of fast connections (3 megabit) but also users of slow connections (256 kilobit or less) who need more time to download content over a period of several days or weeks. Major Usenet service providers have a retention time of more than 4 years.

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