8 lug weld in wheel centers

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OFFSET is the distance from the center line of wheel to backside of center disc. Bolt Circle. 4-Lug and 6-Lug: Bolt circle is measured from center to center of two bolt holes directly opposite of each other. 5-Lug: The easiest way to estimate 5-lug bolt circle is to measure center of hole to back of the second hole.
Weld Racing offers a complete line of replacement wheel centers and hardware for their wheels. These parts are offered by Weld to replace damaged wheel centers and keep your race car on the track safely.

A lug centric wheel centers on the vehicle using the lug nuts allowing the wheel to fit many vehicles instead of a select few. All WELD Racing wheels are lug centric. This means that they require a lug-centric adapter during dynamic (spin) balancing. A lug centric adapter plate should be used in place of the centering cone.

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8 lug weld in wheel centers

Mar 02, 2017 · The centers of the Honda hoops just have a 90 degree flange on them and are welded in four places. Pretty easy to use a cutoff wheel and carefully cut at the edge of the weld to remove the center. Then just carefully grind the remaining weld off. The wise five center was a nice tight fit in the hoop requiring only a cleanup to hammer in.

15 x 4 Weld Racing 4-lug RT-S Part Number - 71LB-504P16C Wheel Size - 15 x 4 Back Space - 2.5 Offset mm - 0 Lug Pattern - 4x4.25 (108mm) Wheel Finish - Black Center or Polish
Dec 01, 2012 · IIRC, the 8-lugs are 14". That will limit the size of the disc setups which will fit inside, regardless of what will bolt to the spindle. If cost is no problem, several wheel companies would be happy to make 16"s with the 8-lug centers, then the more common GM disc setups become a possibility. Weld Racing #90-58038 Wheel, Draglite, Aluminum, Polished, 15 in. x 8 in., 4 x 4.25/4.5 in. Bolt Circle, 4.5 in. Backspace, Each. W32-9058038 Description:If there is a classic design for street and strip cars, it is the Draglite. This design is perhaps one of the most well known and established. It has a timeless look that has no shortage of style.

WELD XT Off-Road Truck Wheels is the latest addition to the WELD Wheel family. With its own manufacturing facility, unique design and custom finishes, WELD XT Off-Road Truck Wheels offer unmatched performance and style.

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