Chapter 9 cellular respiration and fermentation pdf

Other Materials: Cellular Respiration flow chart and table from notes (ABSOLUTELY KNOW!) Remember that this test includes photosynthesis as well so refer to the photosynthesis study guide as well. Vocabulary: alcoholic fermentation, anaerobic, cellular respiration, fermentation, glycolysis

also called cellular respiration ... respiration, alcohol fermentation, and ... 2 . Chapter 9: How Cells Harvest Energy
• Under what circumstances does a cell undergo Cellular Respiration? When oxygen is present PHOTOSYNTHESIS vs. RESPIRATION Compare and Contrast: Draw the organelle responsible for each. Label the major parts, show where all processes are occurring and show where the H+ concentration occurs. Cellular Respiration • breaks down glucose

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Humans have three main sources of ATP: ATP already in muscles, ATP made by lactic acid fermentation, and ATP produced by cellular respiration. At the beginning of a race, the body uses all three ATP sources, but stored ATP and lactic acid fermentation can supply energy only for a limited time.

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Chapter 9 cellular respiration and fermentation pdf

Chapter 8 Metabolism Chapter 9 Cell Respiration, Fermentation Chapter 10 Photosynthesis Test date The key role of ATP energy coupling. That enzymes work by lowering the energy of activation. 2. The catalytic cycle of an enzyme that results in the production of a final product. The factors that influence the efficiency Of enzymes. 4.

4. The first stage of cellular respiration, glycolysis, is an anaerobic process. 5. Glycolysis generates two ATP and two pyruvate. Only a small amount of the energy from the glucose is contained in the pyruvate. 6. It take three turns of the Krebs cycle to break down each glucose molecule. 7.
Chapter 9 Cellular Respiration Section 9–1 Chemical Pathways(pages 221–225) This section explains what cellular respiration is. It also describes what happens during glycolysis and describes two types of fermentation. Chemical Energy and Food(page 221) 1. What is a calorie?It is the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram ... Agriscience Fair CategoriesStudents can compete in the national agriscience fair in one of six categories: Animal Systems Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems Food Products and Processing...

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Chapter 9: Cellular ... chapter 9 powerpoint. 9.1 worksheet. Required Items for the Honors Biology Notebook. Cellular Respiration "foldable" (not really foldable)

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