Line array speaker connection

In fact, playing through a line array for the first time may mark your transition from wannabe band to successful band. But there will come a time, hopefully, when you are called upon to have an influence in the specification of your touring PA system. At first, the line array looks intimidating. All those cabinets, all that cable.

The connection is simple and easy to use, and the active speakers greatly simplify the connection of the sound system, using less audio cables and reducing the cost. Taking the COX-5.4 line array as an example, the COX-5.4 is a mini 2-way active line array. Active speakers greatly simplify the interface of the sound system and are very simple ...
Subcompact Line Array products for smaller portable applications and fixed installations. High-output, multi-purpose, point-source and subwoofer products at a variety of configurations. Premium, low-profile, high-output stage monitors.

Epique CBT24K Line Array Speaker Kit Pair This breakthrough technology is based on declassified U.S. Navy underwater sound research. CBT, which stands for Constant Beamwidth Transducers and is a term coined by the military in the late 70s and represented in eight Audio Engineering Society (AES) technical papers.

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Line array speaker connection

The active subwoofer features a 12-inch amplifier and streams music to the passive speaker and line array speakers, to deliver music to all audiences. ★ WIRELESS CONNECTION & OPERATION: Instantly pair with iPhone,iPod, iPad, android devices, etc with line of sight of up to 66 feet.

12 in. Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker System. The VRX932LA-1 is a light-weight (46 lb / 21 kg) compact 12" two-way line array speaker system designed for use in arrays of up to six units.
The PreSonus CDL12 Line Array Loudspeaker is the result of years of research and development, combining the best attributes of point source and line array technology into a unique patent-pending design. The eight 2" high-frequency drivers arc over a single 12" woofer, comparable to the coaxial driver configuration found on top studio monitors.

The CBT24 speakers use a line array form but curved around an imaginary point on the ground plane in the distant rear of the speaker, so it has traits of both line source speakers and point source speakers. In a certain sense, it has the advantages of both without the disadvantages of either.

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