Unity loop animation blend

I have it idle and then use an if statement to change its animation to run. However i want to then blend it to hornAttack1_ when it gets to my player however i can't get this to work. Help is appreciated here is my script.
animations in a Unity game. Thus, you will create animations using 2 di erent techniques: (1) programmati-cally, and (2) either using the built-in Unity animation editor or with a third party tool such as Maya/Blender. You will then integrate these animations into the basic framework of a multi-scene game, using a small amount of scripting.

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I am using the Unity Mecanim, and I have two animation clips: The problem is that when the animation of a clip finish it doesnt start again from the beggining, it doesnt loop, and I cannot find any option to make it loop.

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Unity loop animation blend

Nov 28, 2017 · Just like the Animation component, the Simple Animation component disables itself once it’s done with the current states (as long as the clip’s wrap mode is set to “once”; “hold” will keep writing the last frame, and “loop” will loop indefinitely) Once it’s disabled, it will stop dirtying the UI.

Oct 04, 2016 · 2D Sprite Animation with Blend Trees | Unity 5 Mecanim Animator Tutorial for Beginners Chris' Tutorials ... pad like X / Y value comparison and assigning the right animation loop for the right ...
NOTE: These actions use the Legacy Animation System in Unity. There is a newer animation system called Mecanim Animator that can be controlled with Animator Actions. However, in some situations it can be simpler to use these animation actions. Most Animation Actions require an Animation Component on the game object.

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