Zoneminder object recognition

Mar 09, 2013 · This is how I successfully got the Dahua HDB3200 1080p IP Camera working in Zoneminder with H264. The camera is also known as ESC-HDB3200, IPC-HDB3200, DH-HDB3200. I have this camera working in Full HD 1920x1080 resolution in Zoneminder, you may need to increase your shmget, shmall to help with size of the frames.

I am currently evaluating Sighthound Video. I have to say it is impressive, but then I've been using the Foscam software. It has people and object recognition. Records all the time and also records clips of when it alarms. Also has a run command feature that would probably run REST commands. Nice interface and hasn't crashed yet.
Jun 10, 2017 · Lastly, activity detection is a good feature, if for no other reason than to add to the anomaly detection inputs. There seem to be at least a few good activity recognition systems on GitHub. Activity recognition is also important for monitoring sick or elderly patients. Such features in ZoneMinder may extend and enhance it for such other purposes.

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What network camera surveillance software are you using on Linux/Unix? ... object recognition? ... I'm using Zoneminder. It does motion detection but eats a lot of ...

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Zoneminder object recognition

Good work. Yes, using a CNN approach without a GPU is extremely slow. Here is another approach if you want to tinker - this approach directly reads from ZM's shared memory buffer and does face/object/or whatever recognition.

This provided the motivation to develop a person classifier using deep learning and my goal was to achieve the same recognition accuracy as a human when looking at an image of a person they know with or without a face. ... note that much of this work was done for the smart-zoneminder project and you can ... using instead a Dataset object from ...
Changed temp folder location: /var/lib/zoneminder/temp -> /var/tmp/zoneminder; Fixed /api/app/tmp to correctly point to the temp folder; Overhauled how the install script makes the choice between Nginx and Apache, as follows: If Nginx is installed and active, regardless of whether Apache is also installed or active or both, we choose Nginx.

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OpenTLD open source object recognition and tracking. Can automatically detect intruder and track him, engaging him with Net gun and PepperBall gun. Automatically detects a vehicle and can determine if vehicle stopped and then alert if hijackers disengaged, while ignoring the kids playing in the street.

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